RTO Proposal for Investors

Apex RTO Investment Corp. Ltd would like to present to you, through our Vancouver Rent to Own program, an opportunity to earn a superior rate of investment return with minimal risk and backed by Real Estate. We have instituted a program that, using Investor capital, makes it possible for people locked out of the real estate market by current legislative restrictions or other hindrances such as bruised credit, self employed or new immigrant status, to buy a home or commercial property. 

How the program works for you

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Rate of Return​

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Chris Gong
Chris Gong@Linkedin
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Excellent Program. It has been paying my monthly return even during Covid. Highly recommended for those who would like to receive consistent monthly cash flow and live off passive income.
Charlie An
Charlie An
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As an investor myself, I believe RTO is a great program with strong safety measures in place for investors as well as excellent rate of return. The company truly puts their customers first and have been extremely flexible to help them obtain their home ownership.